Recently I have been working a lot with the Mediamarkt Telefoonabonnementen website. And I noticed some improvements which could be made, therefore I decided to make a concept redesign. The improvements can be divided in three categories; the visual design, not matching with the current website of Mediamarkt; optimization for two different types of user, customers and employees; and guiding customers in choosing their subscription.

On the current homepage most space is used by describing the benefits of the Mediamarkt Telefoonabonnementen site itself. The redesign directly shows what the customer is looking for; a new phone. There are three main ways to do so, the search bar allows users to look for a specific model. The “deal finder” allows the user to set their preferences for their subscription, with a preset to guide the user. Below this finder, highlighted deals are displayed. These deals can be from a target provider, to promote users opting for this provider.

In the current filters one filter is whether you want to switch providers or extend with your current provider. This option is there because there could be a price difference depending on if it is a new subscription or an extension. However from an user perspective it is better to allow the user to pick their current provider and from that input show subscriptions from the same provider as extension and from other providers as new.

The user can filter subscriptions on the amount of internet included. Currently it is expressed in MB, however nowadays expressing this in GB is more common. Also 1000 MB sounds like a lot, which in reality is not.
Furthermore, the scale of the slider should also be changed. Users who are not sure how much data they need, might put the slider halfway, which currently is 6000MB. However 6000MB is not the half of 50000MB, which is currently the last step before unlimited. The new slider gives a more accurate depiction of the scale and stimulates users to filter for a bigger internet bundle.

Some filters, like storage capacity, are currently checkboxes. However it makes more sense to make them sliders as well. Because when someone is looking for a phone with at least 128GB, they probably wouldn’t mind getting a phone with 256GB if they see the price difference isn’t a lot.

The newly designed filters, if they are active, are marked with a red dot. So they can easily be spotted.

Employees get a different version of the filter column. When they enter the phone number and day of birth of the customer they can see the details on their current subscription. This saves time logging in, into the dealer portals of each provider. The data in this form, should be connected to the dealer portals.
Also they get more filters, to filter out phones for customers with specific requirements.